• Interview with NWF Wrestler William Fevik

    07 März 2011

    As we promised the little interview with NWF William Fevik is now up. Enjoy. 1. Why you didn't wear trunks ?? - Because I think it's better to use long tights/bikers :) 2. Did the fans whistle sometimes ?? - Well the ladies do :) 3. You ever had since...

  • OVW Wrestler Benjamin Bray in the Interview

    08 März 2011

    Here guys a very nice and interesting interview I've done with Benjamin Bray aka Ben Mitchell about his OVW work, who he looked up too and many more. 1. How long do you wrestle in OVW ?? - I have been wrestling with OVW for 2 and a half years now. I was...

  • Interview with NWF Wrestler William Fevik comming

    07 März 2011

    Hey guys We want to let you know that we will posting later in this day a interview with Norwegian wrestler William Fevik (Credit: Carl Celius)

  • Daily Wrestler/Photo of the day: Mike Mondo

    09 März 2011

    Make sure to check out our Twitter or Facebook site for seeing which picture made current and NEW OVW Champion Mike Mondo the Daily Wrestler/Photo of the day from the 9th March 2010. Twitter: Facebook: